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Zocon Entertainment is a subsidary of Zocon Enterprises, Inc., founded in 2003, and currently owned, by Tamara Stephenson

Zocon Entertainment enlists the services of independent consultant and talent, Parks Stephenson, who has a life-long passion for solving mysteries and brings with him the experience he needs to decipher the past.  

Parks is a retired naval officer and aviator with two decades' worth of at-sea experience aboard submarines, aircraft carriers and amphibious ships.  He honed his practical problem-solving skills during 20 years of engineering work in the aerospace industry.

Film director and undersea explorer James Cameron took notice of Parks's expertise and not only included him on his Titanic expedition team but also introduced him to the world of documentary filmmaking.  Since 2003, Parks has pursued his investigations on History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and PBS/NOVA.  Parks dove to the Titanic wreck in 2005 and and returned in 2010 to document and perform analysis on the first-ever mapping of the entire wreck site.  He has acted as dive advisor on two expeditions to the wreck of Titanic’s sister ship, Britannic.

In 2009, he led a joint American-Japanese team that dove on and identified a Japanese midget sub off Pearl Harbor that has been missing for almost 70 years.

Parks specializes in historical research and forensic re-construction, especially in subjects that make use of his military and maritime experience.  Of special value to production companies is his diverse range of experience and study that allows him to provide instant and in-depth expert advice to just about any project.  He taught himself the art of 3D computer modeling and pioneered the use of 3D models as a forensic analysis and dive safety tool. In 2012, Parks co-authored a book with James Cameron about the latter’s Titanic wreck explorations and recently collaborated with diver Richie Kohler on his soon-to-be published book about the loss of Britannic.

Parks is available nationwide for speaking engagements, where he challenges the audience to peel away myths to discover the truth on a variety of topics.  Kathy Krajewski at Double Exposure, Inc., works with Zocon Entertainment to schedule Parks.  Please use the contact page to contact Kathy at the Double Exposure website.

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